Happy Wednesday y’all! Lately, I’ve noticed that all of my metal washers that I use for pattern weights have virtually disappeared. I mean… I think that this has just happened over time, but still.

So I finally decided that I wanted to shop for some. But the shop I want to buy it from is on vacation on Etsy. Major bummer, but I get it. I’ll probably still purchase from her when she opens back up.

While waiting in the hallway, so-to-speak, it occurred to me that I can make my own. Like, durrrr! I have everything I need. So I went to YouTube to look up a few videos. I like my YouTube videos short and sweet, so these are about 2 minutes long. And I’m sharing those here:

Now as far as my modifications…

  • I made a 7X7X7 triangle.
  • I sewed up 2 sides and left one side opened by half way and filled it with uncooked rice which has the same weight and effect as other options in the videos.
  • Update: Please note that if you decide to use rice you will need an air tight container to store them in.
  • I also made 2 different sizes out of mine. I did this by keeping my same triangle template, but adjusting the seam allowances. For the larger size I made my seam allowance 3/8. For the smaller triangles I made my seam allowance 5/8 and trimmed down the excess fabric to reduce bulk.

These are so fun and easy to make! So far I have about 10 completed, but I want to make more! They’re perfect for scrap busting or a quick project if you only have a few minutes.

On a personal note, I cannot see myself losing my own handmade pattern weights. That would be awful. LOL.


4 responses to “How to make your own pattern weights!”

  1. Lou Go Avatar
    Lou Go

    Make sure to store them in an *airtight container*. If you get rice weavels, you have a BIG problem. My mom had one of those rice bags that you heat in the microwave to wrap around your neck. It got weavels in it while she was in memory care and we had to throw out all her clothes and bedding! EEK!


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      I just looked these up because I’ve never heard of them. I will be considering a new filling for sure! Do you think coffee beans will cause a fuss?


  2. Tamara Avatar

    I must try this.


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Yay!! You’ll love them!

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