So I recently co-hosted a giveaway with @thecornyrainbow on Instagram to celebrate reaching 4K followers. Any milestone always requires a new ‘fit. Right?

Well, I’ve been stressed and moving and just not coordinated with my adult responsibilities so I needed to make a quick dress that I knew would only take a few hours. I also had a fabulous print gifted from my sew sister Macy (@macycamile) that I knew I just had to use!

I believe the fabric is from Cotton + Steel and can be found on It’s a really fun, quirky sunglasses print that is really cute for Spring/Summer. I love all the colors and the clear influence from Andy Warhol and everything pop art. I wouldn’t call myself an expert on the subject, but I do appreciate this genre of art and it always makes me smile.

It seems like right now, we all just need something to make us smile. There is so much sadness and heartache going on in the world.

Anyway, back to happy.

So I felt like the print really needed only a simple silhouette to work. So again, being so anxious. I considered so many shift dresses. I thought about the Bondi dress, but that middle seam would have been hit or miss with the sunglass print. I thought about the Francois dress by TATB but with the way these lines at the fabric stores are… I was not going to run out and get an invisible zipper. Enter… the sorbetto top dress.

I had made the top at least twice last year one with a pleat, and one without. Plus, I was quickly reminded of this easy, quick sew when Brittany (@brittanyjjones) did her live sew along for this top.

So, with just a few hours, I made my dress. I cut the bottom of the original pattern where it says lengthen/shorten. I measured down to my knees and added length to the dress.

I’m really excited to wear this dress to brunch, the beach or just to hang out with friends when it’s safe again.


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