The other day I shared some of my favorite tools and now I’m talking about my favorite beginner sewing patterns. Most of these will be indie patterns and here’s why. While I love all sewing companies, big 4 and indie patterns… I feel like indie patterns offer much more support as far as thorough instructions and even online resources if you get stuck. So here we go!

The Lou box top. You’ve seen this on my feed quite a bit. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing it in my featured picture on this post. I love it as a layering piece or just a throw on when I’m rushing to work. But in actuality this is a really great beginner pattern that is blousy (so no fitting jitters). You’ll learn how to make and use bias tape, different hems and a pocket. Also the pattern maker (Sew DIY) is really invested in making sure that you have endless resources. There are over 20 videos on her website that cater to showing you how to make this top. You can check it out here.

Simplicity x Mimi G 8655. Mimi G has taught so many of us how to sew, enhance our skills and stretch those sewing muscles beyond what we think we could do. Hello, I’m a believer! LOL. You’ve probably seen this top on my feed as well. It’s a basic tie top that is very resort style. It’s definitely for the beach or that vacay coming up. But either way, it’s flattering on just about every figure and really easy to make. The best part, Mimi G has a tutorial on YouTube for this pattern – along with her other patterns.

A free alternative to this pattern would be the Morning Glory top. It’s the same concept however this one can be worn front ways or towards the back.

Sorbetto top. Another free pattern! You’ve probably seen this one on your feed recently since Brittany (@brittanyjjones) did a live sew along. This top has been around for a while. You can make it sleeveless, with sleeves and into a dress as well. Recently, I made this into a dress for a recent giveaway. You can see the blog post here.

Suki robe. Ahh, another tried and true pattern that can be hacked and changed for an easier learning curve. This is by Helen’s Closet. I’ve made it three times and none of them are the same exact way. These are great for bathrobes, beach cover ups, or stylish kimonos that you can layer with jeans. Again, there is no closure or complicated curves. Plus, the directions give you alternatives for adding/extending and removing the trim.

York Pinafore. Another pattern by Helen’s Closet. I’ve made one, and I love it for Fall weather and for work. This is another easy pattern, and if you’re feeling ambitious, you can stretch your muscles and make your bias tape for the trim. When I first started sewing I did not understand how to sew bias tape. But after grinding down and looking at a few YouTube videos I became better at it.

BONUS PATTERN: The Ogden cami. Okay, it’s NO SURPRISE to anyone that I’ve made this pattern a lot. But, again, these make really great layering pieces and it can be hacked into a dress very easily. This is a great beginner pattern to understand lining, looping thin straps and introducing yourself into hacking for a dress. True Bias has really thorough and readable directions that are beginner friendly. You will not feel overwhelmed.

Other resources that you should consider are:

Sew It Academy by Mimi G. For just $11.97/month you can take courses to help you learn, enhance and brush up on your sewing skills. It had been years since I made clothes and I needed a refresher. I enrolled for a few months and felt like I was prepared to make anything after just a handful of classes. My favorite class was on how to read a commercial pattern. I know a lot of new sewists are intimidated by the directions and the envelope. This course will explain all of that anxiety away.

Make It Simple by Tilly and the Buttons. I have an entire blog post on why I love this book. But in short, it’s a great book to learn, start off slow with beginner patterns then progress into intermediate patterns by the end. Plus Tilly has a really great IG and blog. She’s always showing tips and tricks. Definitely worth a follow!


2 responses to “Five beginner sewing patterns for a newbie sewista!”

  1. manecoarse Avatar

    What a great post. I recently ventured into Indie patterns, and I totally agree with you. They are very user friendly. I have a couple of Tilly patterns, and they are wonderful. You look great in all of your makes. Such a great idea to lengthen the Ogden Cami. I’m so happy to have learned of your blog!!! Looking forward to future posts.


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you so much for reading! 💗


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