Happy Saturday! You guys, I don’t care if everyone hates this… I love my boho floral dress. I don’t have a lot of floral belongings. It’s not because I hate it, only because there is never an opportunity. So when my sew sister Macy (@macycamile) sent me this fabric, I wanted to really make it shine.

I went up and down on what to make. Overalls? A blouse, but which one? Pants, but straight or wide? The list went on and on, until I remembered that I have a really great (and retro-style) pattern by Simplicity 8839. I had made it as a shirt in the Fall but told myself that I would make it into a dress. I searched the hashtag to see if anyone else made it into a dress and it turns out a lot of people have. LOL. I fell in love with one by Rena (@rena_sewsolo). What I loved about her dress is that she only used the elastic on two parts of her sleeve and it makes all the difference with this print.

So I extended the bodice on this pattern to make it a mini dress. Next I used Rena’s technique to only use the elastic in 2 places and created my dress. Pretty simple right?

I love this top as a dress… but I love the pattern period. When I searched through the hashtag I was re-inspired to make another top. It’s a really easy pattern for new beginners. The top doesn’t have any zipper or button closures and you get experience working with a collar and elastic.



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