My August fabric haul plus inspo!

So this month I decided to stop buying Summer fabric and begin buying fabric to transition me into Fall.

After the year that we all had, I’m ready for the change in weather. I feel like it’s been warm since March and I really am excited for the weather to break.

Butttttt…since I also live in the South, I could be waiting a few more months for the weather to change. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t play in some fabric before then!

Here’s the information on my fabric:

The first 5 are from and the last one is from Minerva!

  1. Fabtrends Daisy flower #0683855
  2. Fabtrends #0681312
  3. Rayon Challis small stripe #0673522
  4. Fabric Merchants Mini Floral #0730038
  5. Rayon Challis polka dot #0673525
  6. Minerva Crafts French Terry

I’m going to share a few of my Pinterest ideas for early Fall…

I’ll be making the Annie cardigan with the light pink French terry from Minerva!
It’s something about the simplicity of this dress that I love. I really want to make something like this with the polka dot fabric.

These last two dresses are some ideas that I have for the dark florals. I haven’t decided which one I want to use for each.

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