Disclaimer: this is not an ad nor am I affiliated with any companies listed.

I may have retired from making masks, but I know many of you are still waist deep in making them. And as news reports have suggested that we need to “hunker down” here in America, I’m sharing my favorite tool that I used to make masks!

It’s this fabulous Clove Clip n’ Glide Bodkin! You can find it here on Amazon. And it’s a eligible for prime shipping! My favorite part.

And if you’ve never seen this sorcery before, let me indulge you! Here’s a quick video that I created on how this works!

And if you’re like me and you’ve retired from mask making…then guess what? You may still need this thang. If you have any elastic that needs to go through any sort of casing, then this is a must have for your sewing tool box! Happy Friday y’all! TTYL!


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