The season is definitely changing around here! Temps are slowly dropping and I’m noticing dryer air. YAY! I’ve been waiting for a change. But also, as someone who makes their clothes, changes in the season can bring a sort of sadness. I’m not quite ready to put away my favorite shorts, the Pietra shorts from Closet Core Patterns. Afterall, we had a really great run from Spring to Summer. They’re a dark denim so I can get away with it a little bit more than if it were, Easter egg yellow. LOL.

Adrienne blouse x Pietra shorts for Fall
Adrienne blouse from Summer 2020

So I did a thing. I re-mixed my shorts so that they would also work in the Fall! I paired my shorts with a black version of the Adrienne blouse by Friday Pattern Company. I made this blouse in the Summer in a nice blue printed version. I had plans to make the black one in the Summer as well, but other projects got in the way.

I have to admit that I love this combination together. The Adrienne blouse adds the perfect feminine balance to the shorts. The shorts are more structured but I love the casual waistband in the back. What other combinations do you think will work well together?

Until next time! TTYL!


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