Happy New Year! It might be a new year, but guess what I’m still hanging out inside for the most part. So for that, I’m still going to be making all the cozy stuff.

My new Cocoon sweater is a Mimi G tutorial that I picked up ages ago for $3. It’s a shame that I’m just now getting around to making it, because one, now I can’t take it off (LOL), and two, it’s really, really easy.

So the tutorial is on her website for $3 and seriously, if you haven’t bought it yet, go do it now. I used a chunky sweater knit that I picked up at Walmart a few weeks ago for $2. So in all, my new sweater only cost me $5. Not bad at all.

Her tutorial (as always) is very thorough and walks you through every step. In her video she uses her sewing machine, but when I made it I used my serger.

Other than using my serger, I followed her pattern instructions pretty much to the “T.”

For styling, I paired this with my flare jeans that I made last year. I also added a ready-to-wear tank and hat. But honestly, you can wear these with skinny jeans and a regular t-shirt, leggings and UGGs, maybe a nightie or even a pair of sweats. Honestly I see myself wearing this in the office (yes, I go to an office now) or just around the house.

Until next time! xo


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