My new LEOPARD fur coat + a pattern review!

I know y’all didn’t think that I would totally abandon my loyalty to leopard for blush tones?! That would be a big fat “No!”

Yes it’s a fact that I love pink. But more than pink, I still love leopard.

I bought my fur from large fabric chain months ago during the Fall (now sold out). But I assure you that leopard fur is not an anomaly. In fact, a search on Google shows a significant amount of leopard faux fur for sale on Etsy. Who knew?

And because I realize that some of you may want to make a similar coat, I’ve found some similar fabrics that you can purchase to make your own! Here are two options:

Faux leopard fur #1

Faux leopard fur #2

I used McCall pattern 7847 view C which is the mid length view. I love this pattern for furs because the pattern is specifically designed for it. Case and point, the back pattern piece is a full piece instead of an “on the fold piece.” I’ve seen patterns advertised for fur, but they don’t consider the process of cutting etc.

This is my second time using this pattern and it’s a fairly quick sew. Later this week on Instagram, I’ll be sharing my journey to making this coat along with some tips and tricks for working with fur.

I hope you’ll get to watch! Until next time….

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