My new wool coat!

I know it seems like lately all I’ve been making is outerwear. And that’s somewhat true. But I’ve been sitting on so much outerwear fabric that I’m trying to burn through it! Plus, I live in Jackson now, so once March hits, it’s basically Summer while the rest of the country is still enjoying cooler temps.

My latest coat is made from this gorgeous sherbet/coral/orange wool from Mood Fabrics. The item number is 322764. And the lining is a really delicate light pink. That item number is 111210.

I used Simplicity pattern 8797. It has a drop shoulder detail, a faux belt in the back which is decorated with gold basket weave style buttons. It has a large collar and an even more sweeping bottom. I also like that it has pockets too. There are lots of great details that come with this coat. And even though it’s not necessarily a tailored fit, it’s still elegant in my opinion.

The pattern was pretty simple and it’s your average coat pattern. It took a few days to make. One thing I did not account for is how much stretch the wool has. I believe the bottom hem stretched a bit in the construction process. If I make this again with similar fabric I will more than likely stay stitch the bottom hems of all my pieces.

Until next time! Xo.

10 thoughts on “My new wool coat!

  1. Lovely coat – you’re really rocking it!


      1. Omg, you look like an absolute movie star. I just… the color, the length, the volume… stunning.

        And tip about stay-stitching duly noted! I am a lazy lazy lazy sew-er and every time I read about stay-stiching I’m thinking, ‘but I can get away with just NOT doing that extra step, right?’ I dunno, maybe I need to approach it more like origami or something, where sometimes you make a fold and then immediately unfold it, but then the fold turns out useful later.

        ANYWAY, the main point is, the coat looks great, you look great, hope you got to wear it out a few times to taunt the paparazzi before the 70° weather hit!


      2. Hey Meg! I’m just seeing your comment! Thank you so much, this just made my day! I highly recommend stay stitching even when it seems silly. I didn’t understand that step when I first learned to sew, but a few wonky garments I quickly learned that it’s a necessary step. Best of luck with your sewing! Talk later!!


  2. Very elegant- love a long coat!


  3. Totally gorgeous! Love this coat! And its colour. I got to say I’m curious about the phone box though – why do you have what looks like an English phone box in the US??!.


    1. Lol your guess is as good as mine! 🤣 it was a fun find!


  4. Gosh it looks amazing . Beautiful.


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