Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a review on my blog – but I had time today to write my thoughts on the Axis tank!

So the Axis tank is by Sophie Hines. It’s like a hybrid between a bra and a tank. I think it even says that somewhere in the paperwork, not even kidding. And in my opinion, a great “gateway” pattern if you want to explore making bras.

It has 3 views that you can alter and make another 6 (or more) ways. As a matter of fact, I thought I was making one view and cut out the wrong pattern pieces and ended up with a completely different view… so there’s that. LOL.

I still got my tank, but I was definitely going for the higher neckline. Oops.

There are times where I can see how the pattern pieces are going to turn into something 3D, this is not that pattern. But the instructions are easy to follow, so it makes up for the confusion.

So far I’ve made this pattern twice – once in the stripe and another in tye dye – that I have yet to officially share. Anyway, for this version I used some left over striped fabric and black knit fabric for the neckline, armholes and the bottom band. I thought it would be a nice contrast against the stripe. Plus, I didn’t want to fuss manipulating and cutting stripes on bands. Eek.

Because I have a larger bust I made my bra/tank 3 inches longer – which was kind of 3 inches too much. I probably should’ve went for 2.5 inches instead so that it would hit at the small of my waist. But that’s me being too knit-picky with length.

All in all, I would definitely try this pattern again in the other views.

It’s funny on Instagram, I didn’t see a lot of women with my bust size making this pattern but with the right fabric (next time I want to use something stronger than a basic knit), I actually think this is a great bra pattern. It gave me full coverage on the sides, and again, if I used more supportive fabric then it would be a really great sports bra.

Until next time! xo…


3 responses to “Pattern review: the Axis tank!”

  1. Stacie Sturdivant Avatar
    Stacie Sturdivant

    Oh yeah, hun! I’ll be making a few of these!!!!! This is excellent!


  2. Leah M-F Avatar
    Leah M-F

    Hey Raven! I love your axis tank. I, similarly, am pretty busty, so I lengthened the tank for myself – same issue, I lengthened it a bit too much. It also ended up being way too long in the back. I think that’s because of where I added length. I’m curious if you lengthened from the bottom of the pattern or if you drew a line in the middle and added length there? Thanks and curious to hear!


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Hi Leah, I lengthened from the bottom of the pattern…but I traced the bottom line to keep the hem shape the same if that makes sense.


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