Happy Tuesday sewing friends! I am on a roll this week pushing out some easy sewing projects. I recently made the Lola tank dress by Staystitch Patterns. This came out a few years ago and I’ve had the pattern since the launch… but never made it or cut into it.

Well, there’s a few reasons. I was not very comfortable with my body when it first came out. So even though I had it, it was always one of those “one day when I’m this size…” type of pattern. Does that happen to you?

I’m still not at that size, but I’m feeling more confident in myself and I decided to sew it up. And whew, I mean… I really slept on this pattern. One, the neckline is amazing. And two, I already want to make a few more.

But first – would I even be myself if I didn’t mention that I made some modifications? So I did shorten the pattern by about 8 inches on the bottom so that it could fall right at my knee. Second I decided to taper in the skirt part to make it more “hip-hugging.” A lot of the other versions that I saw showed a looser fit at the bottom.

When I make the tank – which is already on my list to make again… I plan on making the arm and neck bands wider. I had a TIME working with those and I think that I need more fabric to manipulate. Maybe another 1/4 inch will do the trick.

Until next time, xo.


2 responses to “I made the Lola tank dress!”

  1. Peggy R. Avatar
    Peggy R.

    You look great! Is that a stretchy fabric- what did you use? I really like the boots with it.


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thanks Peggy! Yes it’s a stretch knit fabric.


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