Hey sewing friends! I made this dress, Mccalls 8312 a few weeks ago – and I’m just getting around to sharing it on here. Forgive me!

This dress has quite an evolution (and it was a bit trial and error) that I outlined and discussed in my recent pattern review. It went from having ties, to no ties at all. It went from midi, to a ruffle to full MINI. I even added a trim. Who knew I even had black trim in my stash? LOL.

If you’re curious about my fabric, (or if it looks familiar) it’s an IKEA duvet cover that I bought from the thrift store last year. I used it to make a Simplicity dress last year. I still have the dress – but I had so much “duvet fabric” left over that I ended making 2 dresses from it. This is the second dress. And it’s already become a weekly favorite for me because of the comfy-ness.

Here’s the link to the pattern review. Let me know if you plan to make this!


4 responses to “My Cottage Core dress! McCall’s 8312 Pattern Review”

  1. PeggyR Avatar

    Looks great! I love that you recycled a duvet cover!


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thank you Peggy!


  2. michelledvm99 Avatar

    It’s super cute!


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      Thanks Michelle!!


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