This skirt has been 2 years in the making. I know you’re probably thinking “WTH?”

But, the first year I found the tutorial I was intimidated and thought, “No way, me and my sewing machine can tackle this.” And unfortunately, I held onto that feeling.

In the second year, I promised myself that I would make this for the holidays and bought the fabric -but then life happened, then Christmas happened… and then finally I said to myself, “Ok, enough is enough. How long have you been looking forward to making this skirt?!”

So here it is folks, it made it into my 2018 makes with just one day to spare.


Let me start by saying that Mimi G is one of the best teachers out there. Her tutorial on how to make this skirt is outstanding, it clearly illustrates how to make this skirt and she discusses the tools you will need.

There is one difference between my skirt and her skirt. I did not buy stretch sequin fabric so I added an inch to my pattern around my waist and hips and created a 1/2 inch seam allowance. It still turned out to be a beautiful skirt and I learned some lessons too. Here’s my run down of the Do’s & Dont’s of working with sequins. PS – Mimi G. discusses some of these too, so make sure you check out her video tutorial here.

  1. Do your research on sequin fabrics, hit the stores and TOUCH the sequins. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby on an excellent sale day.
  2. Use a denim needle. This was the best advice ever. As I sewed through the fabric I realized how much my needle sounded like someone chewing a huge bag of chips, but I did not break my needle.
  3. Cut all of your fabric in the same direction. In my skirt example, my sequins are all facing downward toward the bottom hem. Before I cut into my pattern I made sure that both pieces were cut with that same intent.
  4. Sew slow. Like really slow.
  5. Have fun!

All in all, I will probably make this again for the 2019 holiday season.







2 responses to “Mimi G. Style: Sequin Maxi Skirt”

  1. Alexis Avatar

    Thanks for these tips!!! Screenshot!


    1. R A V E N Avatar

      YAY! Glad I was able to help!


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