Happy Monday y’all! If you follow me on Instagram (@ravenmaureen_) then you know that I’ve already shared this look a few times. Once in my stories for a nice date night with my boo. And the second time, last week as a shirt.

That’s just how versatile this tunic is! Or…maybe that’s just how short I am?!…

Either way, I’m sharing both looks today. The sweater I’m wearing is a me-make of course. It’s the Talvikki sweater by Named Clothing. When I looked up the hashtag on IG I noticed dresses and shirts were made from the same pattern. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted…so I made a 2 in 1.

A few things about this tunic. It’s only 4 pattern pieces. And I would definitely put this in the beginner sewing category. There are no closures, just 4 darts, no easing in sleeve and a very quick hem! And the fit is very loose, so there is no tailoring involved. Pretty simple, right?


One response to “2 looks, 1 Talvikki sweater tunic!”

  1. Introvert Stylist Avatar

    I love a good sweater dress. This is cute.

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