I’m a huge fan of Sex and the City. Like, I own the series box set and both movies type of fan girl level. So of course I’ve memorized every iconic outfit ever worn by all four ladies. (LOL, jk) Let’s just say, I Stan!

Yes, Carrie is the most well known character. But, I cannot deny that I love Samantha’s powersuits, Charlotte’s feminine style and Miranda’s jewel tones. I mean, they made the show, too!

I might be making an unpopular statement, but Carrie didn’t always dress the best. In my opinion, she definitely experimented more than ANYTHING! And challenged the natural laws of fashion…but she’s also kind of the fairy Godmother of street style as we know it today. Am I wrong?

One of my favorite looks that we see from Carrie overtime is the floral theme. If you’re a fan of the show, then you know that the series is usually set in eternal Spring in New York City, so flowers were almost always appropriate.

I mean, she wore flowers on her lapel several times during the series and she wore floral coats at least 3 times from the series to the movies.

So of course, being the fan that I am…I’ve been perpetually on the search for THE FABRIC to make my own floral coat. So when Minerva presented this to me….I clutched my (fake) pearls and decided that I had to have this fabric!

I zipped this up over a weekend using Mimi G/Simplicity pattern 8177. I made this in the dead of Winter, and I’ve been dying for the THE PERFECT MOMENT to sashay out of my house in this! 😂

Do you think I nailed this iconic fashion look? Let me know in the comments! XO.


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