TGIF!!! I feel like Friday could not come quick enough this week. Am I right? Anyway, I’m closing out my work week with my FIRST BUTTON DOWN EVER! Now let’s be clear, I’ve sewn buttons on before, I made coats and jackets with collars…but I have never made a collar for a shirt, or slip stitched as much as I have done in one project. But let me tell you, it is satisfying! Before I give the ending away, I actually think I will make more button downs.

It’s one thing to make a quick project and feel accomplished. But I mean, for years I’ve been intimidated by button downs, but this time I just went for it -and then I turned my button down into a whole dress.

So I used McCall’s 7838 which is a beautiful pattern that has beautiful view after view. No lie, I think I may make all of these shirts eventually. But back to mine. I made view C. It has a huge drape-y bell sleeve, but otherwise I believe this is a straight up and down button up shirt.

For my dress, I extended the bodice and front button band by 12 inches each. I left everything else the same. The original pattern as a shirt calls for 18 buttons. I used 24. I managed to snag all of these buttons from Joann’s on a good sale and only paid $6 for all of them. Clutch!

For my fabric, it’s from Hobby Lobby. But I haven’t seen it on it’s website…so I would check your local store. It’s a drape-y, crepe/polyester reptile print. At first I did not notice it in the store. This dress was going to be a blue and black leopard print until the reptile print literally stopped me in my tracks. Mainly because I would NEVER expect to see this in Hobby Lobby. The fabric is really easy to work with. It’s not as squirmy as it had the potential to be, but I also know that the polyester count must be high. My hands became a little sweaty while working with this. I don’t recommend wearing this on the hottest day of the year, but for a 60-something degree Spring day? Sure. Why not.

Now because this reptile print has an actual pattern, I made sure that I cut my fabric intentionally and matched my fabric from each side of the center front.

There is one teeny-tiny thing I would change. I wish that my dress was not so narrow. If I had thought about it, I would’ve made a slash and spread to create a more A-line silhouette. But! I also only had 3 yards, and when I tell you that I just made it…Whew! I literally think I had a two inch section of fabric left at the end. So perhaps it was not mean to be!?

So… I think I gave it away already. Would I make another one? Absolutely. This is literally about to be my new favorite office-work dress all Spring long!


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