Y’all I am on day three of “social distancing” and I have not lost my mind yet…but I definitely forgot to get a few things from the store. One of them being…interfacing. AHH!

To be fair, I have SOME interfacing at the house. But I do not have enough interfacing for both front facings on my current project. So, I thought…there’s got to be a way that I can substitute interfacing. And it turns out, that there is!

After a quick google search, I realized that substituting interfacing is actually pretty common. But there are some guidelines if you ever choose to try it! Here are some things to consider:

  • Use muslin, broadcloth or linen for your “interfacing.”
  • Be sure to pre-wash your outer fabric and your substitute fabric to avoid major issues in the future.
  • Use a baste stitch (3.5 stitch or wider) to add your substitute fabric to your main fabric.
  • Be sure to cut your substitute fabric on the grain.

Stay safe & be well! XO.


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