My new Carolyn Pajamas

Happy Tuesday! Since it’s my last official day to lounge (I start back at work on Wednesday), I wanted to make some Carolyn pajamas by Closet Case.

Their reputation definitely precedes itself, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to make this set.

I chose a palm leaf print fabric with pink piping for a lot of reasons. One, it’s Summer and I wanted a print to match the season. And two, palm leaf print pajamas (or anything) are LIFE! OHH-KAY??!

Now are the pajamas like a million little pattern pieces…yes, I didn’t count it, but there were a lot of pieces, but it was so worth it. Like of course I want trim, and pockets and collars. Give me all the pieces if it means I’m this fabulous. LOL.

To compare, last Christmas I made a pair of Scottie dog PJ’s using a big 4 pattern and I recall that there were far less pieces. Maybe like, 10? But I can’t be sure.

Back to the Carolyn Pajamas. It’s a loungewear set that can be either shorts or pants, long sleeve or short sleeve. I made shorts with short sleeves. It’s designed with a button up top and an elastic band for the bottom. I graded a size up for the shorts and top because I wanted to have actual room to lounge. After all, this is not designed to be a snug fit.

I feel like the instructions supported the pattern pieces. Does that sound weird? I mean, I feel like every pattern piece really belonged and was necessary…but also that the instructions were very thorough and clear. I don’t think there was a moment that I was lost or confused.

I did think there was a lot of topstitching but thinking back on it, it was pretty necessary. How else will all that piping lay still?

A final note…

I really love these PJs and they will be going with me everywhere (when we get to out)… and I’ll be wearing this set to bed as much as I can!


6 thoughts on “My new Carolyn Pajamas

  1. Love it!


  2. I found a really cute pj outfit on Amazon and almost bought it to wear as a daytime outfit but decided it was to light of a fabric. This is the perfect pattern for it–including the piping. I’m looking forward to doing this outfit! By the way–you look fabulous in these pj’s!


    1. Thank you Fran! Good luck with your pj’s


  3. Your pjs are so darling on you! I love the palm leaf fabric. You look so glamorous! I had looked at that pj pattern but wasn’t sure if I’d like it. Now I’m definitely getting it. Thanks for the pics and review!


    1. Hi Denise! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy making your new pjs!


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